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Adjustable Height Desk electric BETA B HE6

Adjustable Height desk, Adjustable desk frame, frame height adjustable desks, desk with adjustable electrical - manufacturer of SULMET

Physical activity clears the mind.
Creativity, satisfaction and well-being are critical to the quality of your work.
Comfortable and ergonomic work forms the basis of productivity in the modern world.
Need job at which you can sit and stand, and physical activity and well-being will be a regular part of your day.
Physically active employees are more efficient mind, are more productive and learn faster.
With this in mind we have designed for your frame desks with electric height-adjustable tabletop.

Frame BETA B HE6 electrically adjustable height desk <page Catalog> tabletop size: 1200/1900 x 600/800

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Publish date: 23.09.2014


We are a leading producer of furniture fittings widely used in the furniture industry. We are specialized in partial extension runners and ball bearing slides for drawers.

Our production range includes: sliding door systems, rotating platforms and plates for TV sets, special accessories, building hardware.



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