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Roller runners with stainless steel – manufacturer / producer SULMET

Roller runners with stainless steel – manufacturer / producer SULMET

Stainless steel was invented in 1912 since it is widely used in fields such as food industry, construction, environmental protection, household appliances, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, the paper industry and many others.

Stainless steel side glass and some plastics is one of the materials which is approved as a material to carry equipment for storing, processing and transport of food.
High standards of toxicity, hygiene, appearance, is a standard rule in the food industry.

Also in the aggressive environment of the salty sea water, elements made of stainless steel does not corrode.

The main reasons for the use of stainless steel:

As a manufacturer roller runners , we offer a wide range of products made of stainless steel:

1235 - roller runners with self closing system

1245 - roller runners for base mounting and higher loads

1261 - roller runners with full extension for side mounting

1264 - roller runners with full extension to higher loads


Publish date: 18.03.2014


We are a leading producer of furniture fittings widely used in the furniture industry. We are specialized in partial extension runners and ball bearing slides for drawers.

Our production range includes: sliding door systems, rotating platforms and plates for TV sets, special accessories, building hardware.



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